New Store and Releases!

Hey guys! I’ve been super busy the last couple weeks! I have a new mainstore opening later today and with it a bunch of new releases! There will also be a 24 hour 50% sale from July 1st at 2pm slt to July 2nd @ 2pm slt, with prizes given to the first 3 people there. I have also joined the Route 66 event for toddleedoos. I will be on the lookout for an event I can try to join for my adult stuff in the near future as well. And last but not least I have begun a blogger search, I am hoping to find 3 adult/teen avis to blog my adult stuff and one more TD. I currently have 2 tds and man are they talented!

Indepandy TD Outfits

For this 4th of July I have 3 dresses for TD. One, the patriot dress with the flag, is for the Route 66 event and will be 66L and only 66 available. The other two will be normal releases. All 3 of the adult versions are normal release. Indepandy Dresses

The other new set is the TD version of the Sweater outfits! Thanks so much to everyone who voted on Facebook to help me decide which set to do next.

Panda Sweater TD Outfits

Next I will be working on a summer outfit with both a outfit and bathing suit! ♥ I will try and stagger new designs with adding TD versions of the adult ones. I’ll leave you with the links to MP and the new inworld store. ♥ The new things will be put on MP later this afternoon when the opening starts, but will not be sale prices, to get sale prices stop by the mainstore inworld. 🙂

MP –

New Mainstore –

Blogger App –


Teens and Tots Cupcake Pandas

RP Teen and Tot Cupcake Panda SetHey guys, I am proud to present my first Teen / Tot outfit set! I started with Cupcake Pandas since that one is popular. Got together with my bestie and one of her friends to get some pics for you guys! The outfit is made to match the big version so you can now match your big sis or mom! It comes with a dress, socks, boots, and bows. The boots have a color-change hud so you can make them all kinds of colors! ♥ Don’t forget if you wear your group tag and purchase in world you get a 15% discount!

RP Cupcake Pandas TDI plan to do one more tot version of a big outfit then will work on my next set which will be a beach set! May or may not have roller skates with it, I’ve not decided yet. Would love to hear your opinions!

MP –

Inworld –

Kehlani Girls

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while. After the drama with the ex-family, I needed a short break. Fantasy Faire and then a week and a half long vacation kept me nicely distracted. But I am back! I am working on some new releases for the store but until they are done here are some fun shots from me and my sisters’ latest photo shoot. It was so much fun hanging out with my sisters and taking photos!


“Hurry up sis! The elevator is here!! Let’s go, let’s go!!”


“Sexy poses, but not too sexy…”


“Everyone look sweet!” ♥

Credits (Me):

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – Song – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Arm Tattoos – T’Ink – Panda Panda

Hair – Hair 3 – Foxy – Regan


Outfit (All):

Top – Blueberry – October Group Gift

Shorts – Blueberry – Jimena (except the black pair… those are an applier set)

Boots – Zenith – Winter Long Boots with Socks (Maitreya)


Pose Props:

Prop 1 – Exposeur – The Elevator

Prop 2 – Exposeur – Red Light Showcase

Prop 3 – Exposeur – The Sugar Bowl

Cute Attitude

Ready to party? Feeling particularly sassy? Sweet? Have a panditude and want to show it off? Rainbow Panda’s newest release is a cute tank and skirt outfit with 6 different designs to show off your attitude! Paired with cute fishnets and sneaker wedges as well as a necklace to match. Rainbow Panda Marketplace

15 AttitudePandas.png

Due to recent circumstances and my interests leaning more towards fantasy roleplay nowadays, I am once again switching up my blogging. This blog will mostly be releases and the occasional post with me and my sisters or my thoughts. Otherwise, the majority of my posts will be on my old main blog and centered more around fantasy style and roleplay. ♥ Hope to still see you around!!


Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – Song – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO


Outfit 1 – Rainbow Panda – Sassy Attitude Outfit

Hair 1 – Analog Dog – Charlotte

Pose 1 – Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #5

Outfit 2 – Rainbow Panda – Sarcastic Attitude Outfit

Hair 2 – LCKY – Nami

Pose 2 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #3

Outfit 3 – Rainbow Panda – Party Attitude Outfit

Hair 3 – Foxy – Regan

Pose 3 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #4

Outfit 4 – Rainbow Panda – Panditude Attitude Outfit

Hair 4 – Exxess – Siva A

Pose 4 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #6

Outfit 5 – Rainbow Panda – Sweet Attitude Outfit

Hair 5 –  Truth – Astra

Pose 5 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #2

Outfit 6 – Rainbow Panda – Crazy Attitude Outfit

Hair 6 – .Olive. – The Ocean – Unicorn Vomit Hud

Pose 6 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #1

Fairy Tale

Wysteria and her triplet sisters Estrella and Dee Kehlani grew up in a small forest near an even smaller human village. They lived in a hidden glen near a waterfall with their parents, four elder siblings and an assortment of other relatives. As they were growing up the triplets would often sneak to the human village during festivals and watch the merriment. Wysteria was drawn to the dancing and would often mimic what she saw with her sisters. Estrella loved to hear the stories and poems the bards would tell and often would repeat them to her sisters.

14 Exploring Eyr

As they grew their talents in their chosen hobbies grew and they began to make their own dances and stories. Occasionally, other fae and creatures would pass through their woods, skirting around the human village. The girls loved meeting these new people and would often beg for new stories and dances from far away places. Their relatives watched them grow and indulged their talents in their hobbies. However, anytime the girls talked of leaving to explore or meet new people, their family would forbid it. It wasn’t safe they told them. Fae were disliked and hunted. They were free to enjoy their dancing and storytelling, but they were not to leave the forest.

14 Meditating in Eyr

For many years the girls obeyed their families wishes, but secretly talked and yearned for the freedom to explore the world and experience all the dances, music, and stories they could find. Often they would travel to the boundary of their forest at the top of the near mountain where the source of the waterfall flowed. They’d stand at the top and look out over the huge expanse of a world they longed to see.

14 Watchful Eyr

One such day, they stood at the top and from no where a huge gust of wind hit them from behind and they toppled over the side and slid down part of the mountain. As they came to a stop a mist gathered around them, quickly becoming so thick they could barely see each other. They huddled close and held hands praying it would pass quickly. After what felt like hours, the mist slowly cleared and their surroundings were revealed to them.

14 Estrella.png

The sisters gasped and stared in wonder at the world around them. They were no longer in a forest like the one they grew up in or even on a mountain. There were in a weirdly hot and humid jungle. They had never seen a jungle but heard tales of them and took in the nearby animals and sounds with interest. They whispered quietly to each other, not wanting to draw unwanted attention and soon decided they would have to explore and see if they could discover where they were and if there was a way home.

14 Wysteria

Wysteria gave a soft excited squeal and grabbing her sisters’ hands pulled them with her as she headed into the jungle.

Me and my sister Lulu decided to get back into fantasy RP and these are our two characters. Dee wasn’t able to join us this time but hopefully will appear in later posts! Mysts of Eyr is a gorgeous jungle sim that has a ton of available races to play, though so far I’ve seen a majority of mers. The members are super nice and helpful and I look forward to seeing how our fairy’s journey goes. ♥

Credits for Wysteria:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Venus

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Stella Mesh Head

Skin – Plastik – Veraje (FB groupgift)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia – Dragoness

Ears – Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

Shape – Lumae – Eirtae

Hair – Spellbound – Sirena

Wings – Soul – Oree Wings

Top/Skirt – Broken Style – Four Seasons

Vines – Caverna Obscura – Eden in White (in-world store closed for a move)

AO –  Oracul – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Calming Landscape

13 Foxy Friends

The beauty of the forest and the soft music it created made her want to sit and linger. She drifted down to rest. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes breathing deep and listening to the musical sounds surrounding her. She heard a strange little chittering close behind her and turned to see a pair of fox cubs playing while the mother watched her carefully. She smiled and stayed still to watch them until they went inside their den.

13 Peekaboo with a Cub

After some more exploring she saw a cute little bear cub peeking at her from behind a tree stump. She giggled and knelt a little distance off and summoned some flower petals to play with and amuse the cub. When some big rustlings came from the nearby trees and the bear cub wandered off towards them she continued her explorations.

13 Reflecting With Ducks

As the sun was setting she came across a beautiful pond with some ducks swimming around. The reflections on the water were so pretty with the sunset lighting she had to go closer to gaze down at them. One of the ducks ruffled its feathers at her and swam off a little disgrunted. She giggled and spent some time hovering there just basking in the peace as the sunlight faded and the sounds of crickets and frogs replaced the bird songs.

13 Fun Reflections

After another week of being sick with the flu or some bad bug, I really wanted to get out and see some beautiful nature. I can not wait for spring and warmer weather and all things green and colorful to sprout up. I saw this sim on Strawberry Singh’s blog and had to go and explore it. It is so gorgeous and calming. The sim lighting and sounds go perfect with the landscaping and I had a ton of fun playing with the animals and water reflections.


Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – Song – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Tail – Sweet Thing – Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento)

Wings – Soul – Oree Wings

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Viola (special color hud from FLF)

Dress – Miwa’s Airship – Chu You Dress #3

Sandals – KC Couture – Caty Wedges

Pose 1 – Imeka – Sits 04 – Pose 3

Pose 2 – Kirin Poses – Hanami – Pose 1

Poses 3/4 – Oracul – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Location – Sarawak

Windlights – Sim Settings

Bubbling Thoughts

This past week I was able to get together with two of my sisters/cousins/besties (they are all of those and more ♥) and we had a fun time playing with an old childhood favorite of mine, bubbles! It was so much fun and helped raise my spirits. I was going to write a story about it for this post, however my thoughts have been circling around change and growth and relationships lately and I’d like to try and put them into words.

Chun Girls Playing With Bubbles

I believe there come times in our lives, if we are lucky, where we begin to really step back and look at where we are and our thoughts and feelings about our life. For me, these moments seem to happen after really emotional events. I won’t go into details, because they are personal. But after I got past the flood of the emotions, I started looking at not only how my life is now but how its been in the past and the direction it seems to be going. While doing this I thought a lot about past relationships and the people I had them with. Some I think of often and miss dearly, but I found out recently that sometimes reconnecting just doesn’t work, it doesn’t feel the same as before. And really it can’t, because we are always growing and changing. We can’t move backwards because that would hinder our movement going forward and really forward is the direction we need to go or all that change and growth would have been for naught.

Dee BubblesAs I thought more about this and looked at some of my current relationships and their past and where I thought they could lead in the future I began to feel more and more at peace. People grow and change at different rates, and sometimes while one person may want to move forward another may want to stay in a time they believe they were happier. I don’t think this is a bad thing, its just human nature, but what do you do if you are the one needing to move forward while the ones you care about wish they were back at a happier time?

It’s hard to think of leaving people behind, especially by choice. We care about them so much that it’s only right it be hard for us. But sometimes I think we need to look at what is better for ourselves as well as what is best for them. If you stay and let them stay stuck in that time they think everything was great and happy are you really helping them? Will their own growth and change become stagnant? How about you? Do you need to stop your own growth and change to make others happy? What if you following your own path, even if it may be apart form them, is what helps them see that things could be even better than that time they want to return to if they just take the steps towards the future?

Lulu Bubbles I think it boils down to how people feel about change. Many hate it and will fight against it. Which I find understandable, you have no way of knowing if some changes will be good or bad beforehand. I, myself, am not really scared of change. Maybe because I have such a deep love of books and all the different worlds and characters in them. Maybe because of my love of being able to create all kinds of my own characters on Secondlife. Maybe because I spent a lot of my childhood wishing for one change or another or using books and writing stories as my escape. There are of course some changes I fight, I’m only human, but there are also many times where I look at my life and feel at peace with the realization that it is time I make some changes to try and better my life. My goals for this year were a great start at some changes I have been making and have been making my life better little by little.

Wywy BubblesAfter all of this thinking, I am still not sure what I will chose to do about the relationships I am contemplating but I am more and more at peace that I will be able to face it and move forward to see what the future holds for me. I don’t want to be someone stuck in a happy moment in the past and miss what I may find in the future. If this means letting go of something I treasure before it becomes something unhealthy for not only me but others involved, well I would rather let go and have hope for the future happiness to come than to tarnish the good memories and turn them into something I am sad to remember. To make sure I feel I make the right choice I am taking my time, because I know rushing things is rarely a good idea.

This turned into quite a long post, but I hope it provokes some thought in whoever reads it. While it is mostly for my benefit, helping me to clarify my thoughts a little to myself, I would love if it was of help to others who may need it as well. ♥

Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Tail – Sweet Thing – Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento)

Hair –  Wasabi Pills – Suzy

Outfit –  Rainbow Panda – Eat Sleep Music Panda Outfit

Poses – tea soup – Blowing Bubbles and Snatching Bubbles sets