Kehlani Girls

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while. After the drama with the ex-family, I needed a short break. Fantasy Faire and then a week and a half long vacation kept me nicely distracted. But I am back! I am working on some new releases for the store but until they are done here are some fun shots from me and my sisters’ latest photo shoot. It was so much fun hanging out with my sisters and taking photos!


“Hurry up sis! The elevator is here!! Let’s go, let’s go!!”


“Sexy poses, but not too sexy…”


“Everyone look sweet!” ♥

Credits (Me):

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – Song – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Arm Tattoos – T’Ink – Panda Panda

Hair – Hair 3 – Foxy – Regan


Outfit (All):

Top – Blueberry – October Group Gift

Shorts – Blueberry – Jimena (except the black pair… those are an applier set)

Boots – Zenith – Winter Long Boots with Socks (Maitreya)


Pose Props:

Prop 1 – Exposeur – The Elevator

Prop 2 – Exposeur – Red Light Showcase

Prop 3 – Exposeur – The Sugar Bowl


Fairy Tale

Wysteria and her triplet sisters Estrella and Dee Kehlani grew up in a small forest near an even smaller human village. They lived in a hidden glen near a waterfall with their parents, four elder siblings and an assortment of other relatives. As they were growing up the triplets would often sneak to the human village during festivals and watch the merriment. Wysteria was drawn to the dancing and would often mimic what she saw with her sisters. Estrella loved to hear the stories and poems the bards would tell and often would repeat them to her sisters.

14 Exploring Eyr

As they grew their talents in their chosen hobbies grew and they began to make their own dances and stories. Occasionally, other fae and creatures would pass through their woods, skirting around the human village. The girls loved meeting these new people and would often beg for new stories and dances from far away places. Their relatives watched them grow and indulged their talents in their hobbies. However, anytime the girls talked of leaving to explore or meet new people, their family would forbid it. It wasn’t safe they told them. Fae were disliked and hunted. They were free to enjoy their dancing and storytelling, but they were not to leave the forest.

14 Meditating in Eyr

For many years the girls obeyed their families wishes, but secretly talked and yearned for the freedom to explore the world and experience all the dances, music, and stories they could find. Often they would travel to the boundary of their forest at the top of the near mountain where the source of the waterfall flowed. They’d stand at the top and look out over the huge expanse of a world they longed to see.

14 Watchful Eyr

One such day, they stood at the top and from no where a huge gust of wind hit them from behind and they toppled over the side and slid down part of the mountain. As they came to a stop a mist gathered around them, quickly becoming so thick they could barely see each other. They huddled close and held hands praying it would pass quickly. After what felt like hours, the mist slowly cleared and their surroundings were revealed to them.

14 Estrella.png

The sisters gasped and stared in wonder at the world around them. They were no longer in a forest like the one they grew up in or even on a mountain. There were in a weirdly hot and humid jungle. They had never seen a jungle but heard tales of them and took in the nearby animals and sounds with interest. They whispered quietly to each other, not wanting to draw unwanted attention and soon decided they would have to explore and see if they could discover where they were and if there was a way home.

14 Wysteria

Wysteria gave a soft excited squeal and grabbing her sisters’ hands pulled them with her as she headed into the jungle.

Me and my sister Lulu decided to get back into fantasy RP and these are our two characters. Dee wasn’t able to join us this time but hopefully will appear in later posts! Mysts of Eyr is a gorgeous jungle sim that has a ton of available races to play, though so far I’ve seen a majority of mers. The members are super nice and helpful and I look forward to seeing how our fairy’s journey goes. ♥

Credits for Wysteria:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Venus

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Stella Mesh Head

Skin – Plastik – Veraje (FB groupgift)

Eyes – Adoness – Bestia – Dragoness

Ears – Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

Shape – Lumae – Eirtae

Hair – Spellbound – Sirena

Wings – Soul – Oree Wings

Top/Skirt – Broken Style – Four Seasons

Vines – Caverna Obscura – Eden in White (in-world store closed for a move)

AO –  Oracul – RP-003 Flying Pixie AO

Out with Cusiloo

Man this was a eventful week. I felt bad for Ms Grumples, the cat my Mom gave me last week, so I decided to do a spell to attract a boy cat for her… only my fae magick decided to “help” and I ended up with a cat tail. >< At least it matches my hair tho! Not sure how to get rid of it and am actually finding it kind of fun so will let it be for a while. ♥ Then Mom and I went to one of Dad’s cover band concerts, Pink! It was so much fun to dance and sing along, we had a blast!


I bugged my cusiloo, Lulu, to take a break from her homework and come hang out for a bit. We decided to take a bus to a nearby small town by the ocean for the day, but accidently fell asleep. We did end up in a small town by the ocean tho! Just a more rundown empty one than we meant to. But, there was a ice cream truck right as we got in town so we stopped for a treat. It was sooo good, but cusiloo had to hold me up when I almost fell because of my ridiculous heels.


After the ice cream and near tumble we went into a little park and rested by a fountain. Someone had left a little panda stuffy behind so we kept it company and listened to the birds and tinkling of the fountain and the waves from the ocean. It was super relaxing and cusiloo almost dozed off again.


Before we left I insisted we take a pic in front of the gorgeous sunset over the ocean. It was such a nice and relaxing day!  For music this week I wanted to share a recent find. I LOVE Little Mix and almost all of their songs! I was browsing youtube and came across this fun cover they did of their song Black Magic in Country style. See you next week, enjoy!

Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Tail – Sweet Thing – Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento)

Hair –  Doe – Miffy – Pastels

Makeup – Alaskametro – Matte Mist Eyeshadow

Nails – LIVIA – Candy Coco Nails

Bracelet – Miam Miam Jewelry – Yummy Charm Set (Seems to be gone now)

Outfit – Candy Kitten – Keep Calm I Love You

Pose 1 – Focus Poses – Friends 36

Pose 2 – K&S Creations – You’re My Best Friend 2 – Pose 6

Pose 3 – Focus Poses – Friends 91

Location – The Village & BarDeco