New Store and Releases!

Hey guys! I’ve been super busy the last couple weeks! I have a new mainstore opening later today and with it a bunch of new releases! There will also be a 24 hour 50% sale from July 1st at 2pm slt to July 2nd @ 2pm slt, with prizes given to the first 3 people there. I have also joined the Route 66 event for toddleedoos. I will be on the lookout for an event I can try to join for my adult stuff in the near future as well. And last but not least I have begun a blogger search, I am hoping to find 3 adult/teen avis to blog my adult stuff and one more TD. I currently have 2 tds and man are they talented!

Indepandy TD Outfits

For this 4th of July I have 3 dresses for TD. One, the patriot dress with the flag, is for the Route 66 event and will be 66L and only 66 available. The other two will be normal releases. All 3 of the adult versions are normal release. Indepandy Dresses

The other new set is the TD version of the Sweater outfits! Thanks so much to everyone who voted on Facebook to help me decide which set to do next.

Panda Sweater TD Outfits

Next I will be working on a summer outfit with both a outfit and bathing suit! ♥ I will try and stagger new designs with adding TD versions of the adult ones. I’ll leave you with the links to MP and the new inworld store. ♥ The new things will be put on MP later this afternoon when the opening starts, but will not be sale prices, to get sale prices stop by the mainstore inworld. 🙂

MP –

New Mainstore –

Blogger App –


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