Cupcake Pandas

So I’ve already been working on my goals for 2017. Have set aside Sunday mornings as ME time and using part of it for my spiritual stuff. Also working on clothing again to try and earn some Lindens instead of buying it so much. Here is my newest set of outfits, just finished today!

06 Cupcake Pandas.png

Was going for a cute punky feel. It was fun to make the tartan patterns so more will likely be showing up in future outfits. ♥ Wasn’t sure what to do for colors/pattern for the choker, bracelets and boots so I did a color hud. So each part can be colored to whatever color you like. And added bonus, this hud has resize and glow/shine/transparency on it as well.

I need to do some new examples of different photography things, like green screens and portraits and inworlds, so I can get my freelance photography ad done. Then I’ll be accepting some clients for that. I’d also love to do bento poses. I’ve done regular poses using various inworld huds and love doing it. But I’m having trouble locating the bento skeleton download and deciding which software to try.

Another find through random YouTube browsing. Here’s the credits and links to the new releases! See you again next weekend! ♥


Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Outfit 1 – Rainbow Panda – Cupcake Panda Pastel Outfit

Outfit 2 – Rainbow Panda – Cupcake Panda Rainbow Outfit

Outfit 3 – Rainbow Panda – Cupcake Panda Outfit

Hair 1 – Ayashi – Kagami – Pink Hud

Hair 2 – Ayashi – Miya – Pink Hud (@ Kinky Event until Feb 19, 2017)

Hair 3 – Ayashi – Nobuko – Pink Hud (@ Mens Only Monthly until Feb 15th, 2017)


Pose 1 – Maru Maru – Cute Poses – 2

Pose 2 – Chouette – Idol – 1

Pose 3 – Maru Maru – Rei Poses – 1

Windlight – AnaLu Studio 5


My Story + Bonus

One sunny day a young couple was walking through the forest when they heard a beautiful melody. They followed the sound to a cave and inside found a unicorn resting on a soft mossy floor. The woman had recently discovered she could not have children and been devastated. She knelt before the unicorn and with tears in her eyes begged for a child of their own.02-my-story
The unicorn lowered its head to touch its horn to the moss in front of it. The young couple gasped as a beautiful purple flower grew from the moss. It grew until it was at eye level with the kneeling woman and it’s giant blossom opened to reveal a small toddler with light purple hair, pointed ears and a wispy set of tiny wings. Her eyes slowly opened to show one blue and one purple eye. The woman wept and after a glance at the unicorn who nodded its head she reached in and pulled the little girl from the flower.
The girl wrapped her little arms tight around the woman’s neck and snuggled in to fall back asleep. The couple thanked the unicorn quietly over and over before taking the little girl home.
A year later the girl and her parents have learned many things together. She doesn’t age like normal children, always remaining around 4 years of age. However she can chose to become a teen using her fae magic for short periods of time. Her magic is unreliable and sometimes backfires.
One day as she was being passed between all of her extended family and parents her magic turned everyone who held her hair purple like hers. Recently she used her magic to turn teen and something happened with her magic and she is unable to turn back to her toddler form for the time being.

Ok, so bonus story and pic because it was just too funny. I was over visiting my aunts and uncle and nana showing them my new look. They loved it and were joking about daddy needing to beat boys off with a stick. Then a few minutes later, out of the blue, nana passes me a 12 gauge pump shotgun. O.O I was a little alarmed at this not being a big weapons person.
Later while me and momma were shopping with the Christmas money nana gave me we went to Epic’s store for the 50% off sale and we came across this kawaii chainsaw. Sent nana a gyazo snapshot and of course the response was “Yes! You need that!” So I got it and here’s a pic to show you how cute it is! It even has sparkles coming off it and the blade edge moves. And that’s a sneak peak at how crazy my family is. ♥
I ♥ my family, it’s been a wonderful dream since you found me and took me in!

Body/Head/Hands/Skin/Shape/Eyes/Ears on blog sidebar.
Makeup – came with skin
Smile – Imeka – Mouth Bento Poses
Hair – LCKY – Nami in Pastels
Dress – Nomi – Kira Kira – Blush
Necklace – Altair – Magica Necklace – Violet
Bracelets – Baby – Starlight Bracelets
Shoes – The Sugar Garden – Hime Rose Heels – Lavendar
Pose 1 – Kiss Me Poses – Bento Heart Pose 4
Pose 2 – Maru Maru – Rei Poses – 1 (arm position edited with animare hud)
Chainsaw – Epic – Kawaii Kyoot Chainsaw – Purple ( has hold and backpack versions)
Windlight – Nacon’s Afternoon
Location – Luanes World