Teens and Tots Cupcake Pandas

RP Teen and Tot Cupcake Panda SetHey guys, I am proud to present my first Teen / Tot outfit set! I started with Cupcake Pandas since that one is popular. Got together with my bestie and one of her friends to get some pics for you guys! The outfit is made to match the big version so you can now match your big sis or mom! It comes with a dress, socks, boots, and bows. The boots have a color-change hud so you can make them all kinds of colors! ♥ Don’t forget if you wear your group tag and purchase in world you get a 15% discount!

RP Cupcake Pandas TDI plan to do one more tot version of a big outfit then will work on my next set which will be a beach set! May or may not have roller skates with it, I’ve not decided yet. Would love to hear your opinions!

MP – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/184898

Inworld – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Youth%20Quake/181/164/22


Cute Attitude

Ready to party? Feeling particularly sassy? Sweet? Have a panditude and want to show it off? Rainbow Panda’s newest release is a cute tank and skirt outfit with 6 different designs to show off your attitude! Paired with cute fishnets and sneaker wedges as well as a necklace to match. Rainbow Panda Marketplace

15 AttitudePandas.png

Due to recent circumstances and my interests leaning more towards fantasy roleplay nowadays, I am once again switching up my blogging. This blog will mostly be releases and the occasional post with me and my sisters or my thoughts. Otherwise, the majority of my posts will be on my old main blog and centered more around fantasy style and roleplay. ♥ Hope to still see you around!!


Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – Song – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO


Outfit 1 – Rainbow Panda – Sassy Attitude Outfit

Hair 1 – Analog Dog – Charlotte

Pose 1 – Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #5

Outfit 2 – Rainbow Panda – Sarcastic Attitude Outfit

Hair 2 – LCKY – Nami

Pose 2 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #3

Outfit 3 – Rainbow Panda – Party Attitude Outfit

Hair 3 – Foxy – Regan

Pose 3 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #4

Outfit 4 – Rainbow Panda – Panditude Attitude Outfit

Hair 4 – Exxess – Siva A

Pose 4 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #6

Outfit 5 – Rainbow Panda – Sweet Attitude Outfit

Hair 5 –  Truth – Astra

Pose 5 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #2

Outfit 6 – Rainbow Panda – Crazy Attitude Outfit

Hair 6 – .Olive. – The Ocean – Unicorn Vomit Hud

Pose 6 –  Kirin Poses – Bird Pose Set – #1

Bubbling Thoughts

This past week I was able to get together with two of my sisters/cousins/besties (they are all of those and more ♥) and we had a fun time playing with an old childhood favorite of mine, bubbles! It was so much fun and helped raise my spirits. I was going to write a story about it for this post, however my thoughts have been circling around change and growth and relationships lately and I’d like to try and put them into words.

Chun Girls Playing With Bubbles

I believe there come times in our lives, if we are lucky, where we begin to really step back and look at where we are and our thoughts and feelings about our life. For me, these moments seem to happen after really emotional events. I won’t go into details, because they are personal. But after I got past the flood of the emotions, I started looking at not only how my life is now but how its been in the past and the direction it seems to be going. While doing this I thought a lot about past relationships and the people I had them with. Some I think of often and miss dearly, but I found out recently that sometimes reconnecting just doesn’t work, it doesn’t feel the same as before. And really it can’t, because we are always growing and changing. We can’t move backwards because that would hinder our movement going forward and really forward is the direction we need to go or all that change and growth would have been for naught.

Dee BubblesAs I thought more about this and looked at some of my current relationships and their past and where I thought they could lead in the future I began to feel more and more at peace. People grow and change at different rates, and sometimes while one person may want to move forward another may want to stay in a time they believe they were happier. I don’t think this is a bad thing, its just human nature, but what do you do if you are the one needing to move forward while the ones you care about wish they were back at a happier time?

It’s hard to think of leaving people behind, especially by choice. We care about them so much that it’s only right it be hard for us. But sometimes I think we need to look at what is better for ourselves as well as what is best for them. If you stay and let them stay stuck in that time they think everything was great and happy are you really helping them? Will their own growth and change become stagnant? How about you? Do you need to stop your own growth and change to make others happy? What if you following your own path, even if it may be apart form them, is what helps them see that things could be even better than that time they want to return to if they just take the steps towards the future?

Lulu Bubbles I think it boils down to how people feel about change. Many hate it and will fight against it. Which I find understandable, you have no way of knowing if some changes will be good or bad beforehand. I, myself, am not really scared of change. Maybe because I have such a deep love of books and all the different worlds and characters in them. Maybe because of my love of being able to create all kinds of my own characters on Secondlife. Maybe because I spent a lot of my childhood wishing for one change or another or using books and writing stories as my escape. There are of course some changes I fight, I’m only human, but there are also many times where I look at my life and feel at peace with the realization that it is time I make some changes to try and better my life. My goals for this year were a great start at some changes I have been making and have been making my life better little by little.

Wywy BubblesAfter all of this thinking, I am still not sure what I will chose to do about the relationships I am contemplating but I am more and more at peace that I will be able to face it and move forward to see what the future holds for me. I don’t want to be someone stuck in a happy moment in the past and miss what I may find in the future. If this means letting go of something I treasure before it becomes something unhealthy for not only me but others involved, well I would rather let go and have hope for the future happiness to come than to tarnish the good memories and turn them into something I am sad to remember. To make sure I feel I make the right choice I am taking my time, because I know rushing things is rarely a good idea.

This turned into quite a long post, but I hope it provokes some thought in whoever reads it. While it is mostly for my benefit, helping me to clarify my thoughts a little to myself, I would love if it was of help to others who may need it as well. ♥

Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Tail – Sweet Thing – Fluffy Neko Tail (Bento)

Hair –  Wasabi Pills – Suzy

Outfit –  Rainbow Panda – Eat Sleep Music Panda Outfit

Poses – tea soup – Blowing Bubbles and Snatching Bubbles sets

Music Pandas and Introspection Meme

11 MusicPandas.png
This week doing another meme and showing off my newest store release. The outfits are called Music Pandas. Each outfit has a sleeveless parka and 2 versions of the jeans in flat and tall and with plain gradient and rainbow or color gradient at bottoms. There is also a music themed set of jewelry including a necklace, earrings and set of bracelets with resize in all the pieces. The meme this week is still from Strawberry Singh, her Introspection Meme.
♥ Regardless of your current number, how old do you actually feel? – I’m 30 and sometimes think, “Wow, I’m 30 already.” and other times I feel so much older, especially when I am all sore and achy.
♥ Which is worse, failing or never trying? – Never trying, because if you don’t try you don’t have a chance to succeed.
♥ If the average human life span was 40 years, how would you live your life differently? – I would do more to make myself happy. I’d face truths that I might not otherwise and maybe even change how I live. I’d try not to worry so much what others thought. I’d love to travel more and try to finish goals and dreams I have.
♥ Are you more worried about doing things right, or doing the right things? – I feel this is subjective, the right thing for me might not be the right thing for another. I don’t think I really worry about it much either way except while making the decisions.
♥ Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton? – Joyful simpleton definitely! I’m no genius but have enough worry on me that I know if I was a genius it would be so much worse. So I’d rather be simple and happy if I had the choice.
♥ Have you been the kind of friend you want as a friend? – Honestly, probably not. Although all of my best friends know that I am super introverted and can’t always be around other people. I have been trying to get better at at least calling or texting or iming on facebook, but I always feel as if I’d be bothering the person and don’t always feel like talking a ton. But I continue to try and try to make sure my friends know that I am here for them and love them dearly.
 ♥ Do you remember that time 5 years ago when you were extremely upset? Does it really matter now? – Some small things no. The big bad breakup I had around that time, that still hurts though it is a duller ache now and I don’t think of it as often as I used to.
♥ At what time in your recent past have you felt most passionate and alive? – After my emotional breakdown early this year when I decided to take better care of me and do more of what makes me happy. Since then I have been sticking to many of those goals and it is helping me a lot. Will be even better when spring hits and all the dreary weather and cold goes away.
♥ If you just won a million dollars, would you quit your job? – Maybe. I would at least take more time to travel and to do things I enjoy. A lot of my time at work I am just sitting there not doing anything and that bores me really bad.
♥ If you knew that everyone you know was going to die tomorrow, who would you visit today? – My dad and my best friend Jess and if I could my SL family.
♥ What do you feel is the difference between being alive and truly living? – Being alive is just doing the basics to continue being alive. Sleep, eat, work to pay bills, repeat. Living is doing things you love and spending time with people you love. Trying to be happy and having goals and dreams.
♥ If we learn from our mistakes, why are we always so afraid to make a mistake? – Because mistakes come with consequences and usually not good ones. I think we are afraid of causing these bad consequences. We also don’t like the feeling of having failed in something, it makes us feel bad and lose some of our confidence, it can even hinder us trying other things that we might fail at.
♥ What would you do differently if you knew nobody would judge you? – Be more open about my religion and beliefs and be more true to myself and my feelings.
♥ If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be? – Enjoy your sleep, as you grow up you get less and less of it until you are really old and then maybe you start getting more again.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know me better! See you next week. 🙂

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Makeup – Alaskametro – Matte Mist Eyeshadow

Outfit 1 – Rainbow Panda – Rainbow Music Panda Outfit

Outfit 2 – Rainbow Panda – Pink Music Panda Outfit

Outfit 3 – Rainbow Panda – Eat Sleep Music Panda Outfit

Outfit 4 – Rainbow Panda – Blues Music Panda Outfit

Hair 1 – Wasabi Pills – Sorbet

Hair 2 – Wasabi Pills – Aurora

Hair 3 – Wasabi Pills – Sheryl

Hair 4 – Wasabi Pills – Suzy

Pose 1 – The Secret Hideout – Candy Crush Static Pose

Pose 2 – The Secret Hideout – Rockin’ That Beach Bod

Pose 3 – The Secret Hideout – Shrug Static Pose

Pose 4 – The Secret Hideout – Innocence Static Pose

Have I Ever in SL?


I decided to do Strawberry Singh’s “Have You Ever” meme!  I did delete the last 2 questions since I am answering as my teen avi and they weren’t really appropriate for her since she’s 14.


♥ Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life? – Yes, I co-owned one with my SL family for four or so months.
♥ Have you ever created content in Second Life? – Yes: poses, clothing, edited scripts, photography, gestures, furniture, some random items.
♥ Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life? – Yes, although I am a terrible driver on SL.
♥ Have you ever gone sky diving in Second Life? – Yes, many times. Quite a few of them when deleting or taking up a build platform by accident.
♥ Have you ever played a sport in Second Life? – Not a group one, but I’ve done dance and archery and bowled a few times.
♥ Have you ever gone clubbing in Second Life? – Yes many times, tho not as often now as I used to.
♥ Have you ever fangirled/fanboyed someone in Second Life? – Omg yes! Anytime I meet a big-time store owner and when I met my favorite particle maker / performer!
♥ Have you ever taken a picture of your avatar in water in Second Life? – Yes, a few times.
♥ Have you ever taken a picture of a sunset in Second Life? – Yes, they are so gorgeous in the right lighting!
peaceful-night-at-home♥ Have you ever taken a nude picture of your avatar in Second Life? – Not on this avi no. As I play a toddler or teen. On my adult avi that used to be my main yes I did. I have also take nudes of others as clients when I was working at Photography Studios.
♥ Have you ever dated in Second Life? – Not on this avi. On my adult avi that used to be my main yes I did.
♥ Have you ever had or attended a wedding in Second Life? – Attended many! Had, none.
♥ Have you ever drank, smoked or taken drugs in Second Life? – No, no, and no. At least not on purpose. Though I did watch and laugh at my parents when they smoked week from plant pets and Dad when he puts on his drunk AO.

Got another new release for my store! This time it’s a cute dress with kawaii fabrics matched with color change accessories and shoes. Enjoy!

Credits for Me:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Hair – Truth – Fleur w Flowers

Makeup – Alaskametro – Matte Mist Eyeshadow

Nails – LIVIA – Candy Coco Nails

Necklace –  Bowtique – Ice Creams Necklace

Bracelet – Miam Miam Jewelry – Yummy Charm Set (Seems to be gone now)

Dress – Perch – Veronica Dress

Shoes – KC Couture – Mabel Heels

Cat – JIAN – Floofy Feline – Hold – Grey

Poses – from furniture and AO


Credits for Ad Photo:

Outfit 1 – Rainbow Panda – Melty Sweetheart Dress Outfit

Outfit 2 – Rainbow Panda – Space Sweetheart Dress Outfit

Outfit 3 – Rainbow Panda – Sugar Baby Sweetheart Dress Outfit

Hair 1 – .Olive. – Nami – Colors

Hair 2 – .Olive. – Ivy – Megaset

Hair 3 – .Olive. – The Fleur – Colors

Pose 1 – Sari Sari – Cute Poses – 2

Pose 2 – Sari Sari – Idol – 1

Pose 3 – Sari Sari – Rei Poses – 1


New Wardrobe and Snacks


We redid the house and during this Dad installed an awesome close area so we have this nice big changing room / closet. My cousin Lulu and I helped Mom put all the clothes and accessories away. Man was that tiring. After we collapsed on one of the poufs to rest for a bit.


Lulu had to run to a job interview and Mom and I decided to raid the fridge. Turns out Dad locked the freezer somehow so I couldn’t get into the ice cream. >.<


So I ate most of his strawberries with whipped cream! ♥ Mom snacked on the cupcakes that were in there.


After we were full again, Mom wanted to make some cookies. I helped, by taste-testing. Giggles. Dad snuck a few too, but Mom didn’t catch him in the act like she did with me. We were both banished from the kitchen until Mom was done.


I have another new release! I am trying to do them once a week and since Saturday is my blog day it’s now my project day to finish and release outfits too. This week it’s a cute sweater-skirt outfit with a pair of heels that have small legwarmers on them. I did the outfit in four designs. ♥ Enjoy! My video for this week has a couple members from my favorite acapella band, Pentatonix. It’s a cover of Katy Perry’s Rise.

Credits for My Outfit in the Top 4 Photos:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Hair – Truth – Ice – Pastels

Top –  Blueberry – Cutieberry in Pixie

Pants – Blueberry – Tali in Denims – Blue

Shoes – Mesh Agency – Samantha Ankle Booties

Poses – all were part of the furniture animations

Credits for Sweater Dresses:

Same body/head/hands/skin/eyes/ears/shape as above

Outfit 1 –  Rainbow Panda – Dancing Panda Sweater Outfit

Hair 1 – Magika – Surprise

Pose 1 – The Secret Hideout – Elinu Poses – 4

Outfit 2 –  Rainbow Panda – Black Rainbow Panda Sweater Outfit

Hair 2 – Magika – Thread

Pose 2 – The Secret Hideout – Elinu Poses – 3

Outfit 3 –  Rainbow Panda – How I Roll Panda Sweater Outfit

Hair 3 – Magika – The Wish

Pose 3 – The Secret Hideout – Elinu Poses – 8

Outfit 4 –  Rainbow Panda – Lil Love Panda Sweater Outfit

Hair 4 – Magika – Shade

Pose 4 – The Secret Hideout – Elinu Poses – 9

Best – Worst Meme


I wanted to do another of Strawberry Singh’s memes. This one is her Best/Worst meme. The instructions say to replace her last one (about french toast toppings) with one of your own.

Best thing about Second Life: It’s a great creative outlet. I can design clothing and choreography dances and so much more that I don’t have the RL skills to do in RL. I also love being able to meet people from all over and see all these amazing places without the need for millions of dollars.

Worst thing about Second Life: How people can act. Some people it gives them the freedom to be terrible and mean. However for some it can give them the freedom to really be themselves. So this one is a double-edged sword in my opinion.

Best thing in your inventory: Fire Extinguisher! From almost day one with my family I realized this would be a must have. Between my dad’s fire effects for his band equipment, firey farts, and random other fire effects I have actually had occasion to use this item more than once.

Worst thing in your inventory: A frying pan weapon. LOL I bought it for a one time use. It took me a year before I decided to voice with my family. When I did it I was a Toddleedoo and made sure to have my dad pick me up. I then put on the frying pan and said “Not the Momma!” Giggles. It was super funny. Dad started looking around and asking “who was that?” But everyone got the reference and now we have a cute story to laugh about. (If you don’t get the reference go to youtube and search “not the momma” it’ll be one of the top videos to pop up.)

Best earliest SL memory: My SL family finding me at the Heritage Adoption Sim. I was just standing there shyly and filling out my application when another little girl started talking to me. A little while later she introduced me to her aunt and uncle who were looking to adopt and we instantly clicked, despite my dad setting my new room (and mom) on fire while showing me his drums.

Worst earliest SL memory: My Dad setting my bedroom and Mom on fire with his drumset. LOL

07-best-worst-meme-closeupBest thing you learned because of SL: That it is okay to be myself! On SL it is a lot easier to be me and not have to filter out quite as much.

Worst thing you learned because of SL: How narrow minded some people can be. As well as how ignorant. I play a kid sometimes and it gets to me when people act like there is something wrong with me because I chose to play a kid instead of an adult. Each kid has their own reasons for wanting to be a kid again, there’s nothing wrong with it. This applies to me in my teen form as well. I just enjoy being younger, it can be a lot less drama and I don’t have to deal with people flirting with me. I’m not in SL for a relationship and this is a great way to stay away from that.

Best thing about blogging: I love sharing stories and my photos to go along with them. It’s fun to think others might see them and hopefully get a smile or start thinking because of them.

Worst thing about blogging: Well, I am bad at keeping schedules. So far I am doing great, but usually after a while it gets harder and harder. But! That’s why I made it a goal this year and am trying really hard to keep it going. It can also be hard at times to see no traffic, but on the other hand I’m not doing this for others, but for myself because I enjoy it and so seeing that even one or two people read it is awesome.

Best thing to do on a rainy day: Stay inside, nice and warm, with a great book or movie. It can also be fun to watch it at times.

Worst thing to do on a rainy day: Having to go out in it and be in all the mud. >< I don’t mind dirt, but really don’t like mud. LOL It’s just so messy!

That’s my list! What are your best and worsts? If you want to participate don’t forget to link it to her post so she can see it and add it to the flickr group she has.

sleepypandasIn other news! I have another new store release. This time it is a pajama set. There are four different top designs, two of which have a color and a black and white version. The shorts are the same for all four sets. Both the shorts and the tops have color huds so you can chose whatever color you like.

Credits for Preppy Outfit:

Mesh Body/Feet –Belleza– Isis V3

Bento Hands – Vista Animations & Co – Bento Prohands V.2

Mesh Head – LeLutka – Simone 2.2 (Bento version)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Doll V2

Eyebrows – Au Naturel – Pale Pink (tinted on lelutka hud)

Eyes – S0ng – Sugar~ Ice Eye [R] & Violet Eye [L]

Ears – Mandala – STEKING_EARS_Season5 ver B

Shape (Face) – Coffee Break – Cafe Bombon Shape for Lelutka BENTO

Hair – Truth – Ice – Pastels

Top – Blueberry – Jolly Holidays – Gift Mini Sweater

Skirt – Azuchi – Piper Skirt Plaid Pink

Shoes/Leggings – Mesh Agency – Hope Heels with Leg Warmers

Necklace/Bracelet – Miam Miam Jewelry – Yummy Charm Set (Seems to be gone now)

Pose Prop – Glitterati – Shopaholic’s Closet

Windlight – Nacon’s Afternoon

Credits for Sleepy Pandas:

Same body/head/hands/skin/eyes/ears/shape as above

Outfit 1 –  Rainbow Panda – Good Night Panda PJs

Hair 1 – Doe – Vicky – Pastels

Pose 1 – Exposeur – Top Model Spring 2012 Intros – Sophie (M)

Outfit 2 –  Rainbow Panda – ZZZ Panda PJs

Hair 2 – Doe – Michan – Colors

Pose 2 – Exposeur – Top Model Spring 2012 Intros – Ashley

Outfit 3 –  Rainbow Panda – NiNi Panda PJs

Hair 3 – Doe – Leah V2 – Colors

Pose 3 – Exposeur – Top Model Spring 2012 Intros – Seymone

Outfit 4 –  Rainbow Panda – Sleepy Panda PJs

Hair 4 – Doe – Little Lights – Pastels

Pose 4 – Exposeur – Top Model Spring 2012 Intros – Jasmia